Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Day Closer...

I had the day off from work yesterday to get some things accomplished.  Met with a friend in the morning for a hopefully lucrative new venture, then hung out with my hubby, and then the dentist.  Always love getting good news (:P), ie. root canal, deep cleaning, and a crown needed. Yippee for me!

We got up early this morning (5:00 a.m.) and went to the gym.  That gives us time to get there and back, and to work out for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Might have to start getting up earlier once I get back into this, there were times when I needed an hour and a half to get all my stuff done.  So we shall see how the morning routine sticks it out.  I did walk a bit faster today.  Tuesday was at 2.0 mph and a 2.0 incline, today was at 2.5 mph and a 1.5 incline starting out, then went up to 2.7 mph.  I will get back to where I was, just have to take it one step at a time...  I definitely still need to work on my food choices.  The shakes are working well for me, I am not hungry on them, they fill me up, and taste great, of course.  It's the time in between the end of work at dinner time that is an obstacle for me.  Especially when I am at the ball field almost every night.  I get a little hungry, and of course don't have any healthy snacks with me, so I get some nachos, or a pretzel, or a candy bar... and then I eat dinner when we get home.

Having some issues with my scale.  Not sure it is because of the uneven boards in my bathroom or because it is ready for a new battery, but this morning I weighed first at 286.4 and was so disgusted.  Then my husband asked what was wrong, so I told him that I had gained weight.  He then told me he weighed the other day 3 times in a 5 minute period, and each time was different.  So I wiped off the bottom of the scale, put it on a flatter spot on the floor and re-weighed, and weighed in at 285.2 pounds.  Which is 0.4 pounds down from Tuesday.  My hands were really swollen again this morning (was hardly able to move my rings), so really need to start watching my salt I guess.

Time is short today, so that will be all.  Baseball again tonight.  Hopefully once that is all done, I will be able to get myself a bit more organized so this can go a bit smoother and quicker.  Just never seems to get done with all the other stuff going on...

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  1. My scale does the same thing! So frustrating when we are basing so much of our lives on what it says! Lol..but not really funny! It needs to at least be accurate! About the late afternoon snacking...take a 32oz water bottle, super ice cold, and maybe even a flavoring packet...drink it BEFORE you get a snack. I dont feel like we should have to torture ourselves by always passing up yummy stuff...i always keep $1 packs of pistachios and wasabi peas in my car/purse..big crunch and healthier than some stuff! Swelling is water retention so dont be discouraged...your scale will zoom downward once you get good and hydrated! I havent posted much lately but still followig your blog!