Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 123 or Day 8 of 90

So today is Day 8 of the 90-day challenge.  I weighed in yesterday at 276.8 pounds, which is 2 1/2 pounds down from day 1 of the challenge.  My husband is down 4 pounds and our friend that started the challenge with us was down 3 pounds.  That is without any exercise on at least mine and my husband's part.  Not because we don't want to, just because we have been so busy with ball games and practice, and general life...

Again back to the organizational skills of myself... just need to schedule it in and do it, just not sure when I will have that opportunity.  I will probably start working out at home, because games are always after work, and practice is at 7:30 am on Saturdays!  Way too early.  I definitely just need to walk on those Saturday mornings instead of sitting and watching.  That's what games are for...

The shake thing is going great.  I definitely need to get more recipes down, and get the stuff to keep on hand to make more than just the 4 or 5 I have been making.  Not that I don't love the shakes I am making, because I do, but the hubby likes more variety than I do... LOL.

I got my three people to sign up under me, so my shake mix for the next month is FREE!  Who doesn't love FREE?!

This is the year than my beginnings are bygones.  I am ready to make my ending whatever I want it to be.  Not what it was going to be, which was probably shorter than anyone wanted.  I want to be here to enjoy my kids and grandkids.  I want to be able to play with them, not just hold them and look at them...

I can see the road ahead, and it is a long one.  But it is a bright one.  It is lined with good intentions, and great health.  It was funny this morning, my friend, Deanna told me that I could borrow her skinny shorts (size 4) when I lose all my weight.  I told her that if I ever got down to a size 4, she better expect me on her doorstep with hands outstretched!  I doubt I will ever make a size 4, and that is ok with me.  I am looking for health, at whatever size that comes in.  I just know it's not the size I am right now!

I hope everyone takes advantage of the gorgeous weekend we have coming up.  Get out at move (as I will aspire to do on Saturday morning)!

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