Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 27 of 90

So tomorrow marks 4 weeks into my challenge.  Again, not looking forward to weighing in.  Still haven't been getting to the gym, still haven't been doing the videos at home.  Have been trying to walk at the ball park, but doesn't always happen. 

I feel like this blog has just became a whining board for me.  I don't ever seem to be getting anywhere, and I know that is my own fault.  I am sorry for those of you that read this!

I only have 2 more weeks or so of ball games, hopefully the gym portion of my journey will open back up a bit!  I had some more tools given to me by Kassi with the ViSalus company.  She hooked me up with some protein packed chocolate chip cookies, which are divine, as well as some energy "stuff" and some appetite control.  Today is the first day using these tools.  The one thing I can say so far... I took one of the energy packets at lunch as I was yawning during my lunch hour.  I don't remember yawning since.  I wasn't really feeling tired, just yawning.  But again, no yawning. 

Things have been a little crazy around my house lately, I have had alot of things going on, alot of things NOT going on, and it has been a little stressful and hectic.  I am hoping things will get back on track soon.  Wish it was something I had control over, then I would just fix it.  But alas, tis not... so I will wait it out, and hope for some good news soon.

Thanks to everyone for hanging with me on this journey.  It hasn't really been going as planned- weight loss, working out, cooking, or this blog, but I will get it lined out soon.  It's a trial and error, seems like more error than trial on my part, but still working for it!

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  1. you know losing the weight is mostly nutrition, not exercising. They both matter, but prbly 75% is nutrition. If you can't make the gym then deal with the meals first :)