Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 14 of 90

So today marks 2 weeks in on the 90-day challenge.  I am not doing so hot, though.  I am actually up a pound from last week.  That means my total lost for the 90 days is 1 1/2 pounds so far.  Very disappointed in myself, but that is ok.  I am feeling so super stressed lately, and my face is really showing it.  I am broken out so bad, I feel like I am 15 again. 

Today is my birthday, and I wish I could feel better about myself.  I am upset with myself for eating like I did over the weekend.  And for the snacks that I should be eating, healthy snacks instead of crackers and such.  I know I should move on, but when the scale doesn't move, it's like my motivation is stuck with it.  I just don't know how to change that. 

I have clothes to change into tonight, and the plan is to walk laps before my son's baseball game.  It's just so hard when there are people that stop to talk or something like that. 

I know the scale hasn't moved much, but my clothes feel slightly different, so even if the pounds are moving on the scale, they are moving in the body.  And that is the most important thing.  I still love my shakes.  They fill me up so well.  It's the snacking (when I am not hungry) that is giving me pains.  I am so jealous of women that can eat whatever they want and not gain any weight.  And there are some out there, I know a few of them. 

Time to move forward.  Time to get this together.  Actions, not words!  I can do this!

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