Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 64-285.4 pounds

Up over 6 pounds from Thursday! But only 5 pounds from Friday, as I gained a pound back in that one day... Kinda bummed today.  I don't feel very good.  I am cramping, and my throat is sore, and I am completely exhausted.  I just want to go home and sleep the rest of the day away!  

Today is going to be pretty short and sweet as I feel like I am going to fall asleep on my keyboard!  Back up some over the weekend.  Hopefully, it is just a bunch of water weight from the monthly visitor.  I will be at the gym tonight, probably just walking.... really don't know if I have the energy for much more than that!  

I am trying not to get discouraged.  I just wish it would come off and stay off at a better rate.  But that is my fault, I need to work harder on my food choices.  They have been pretty good overall, but sometimes my cravings get the better of me!  

Thank you all for being along with me on this journey...

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  1. the week leading up to "that time of the month", I still get sooo hungry that I could eat anything in sight!! I always gain during and then 2-3 days after, it comes off! Hang in there, don't get discouraged and measure out at least 64 oz of water and guzzle...sometimes I feel so full and yucky, but the next morning I will be down a pound or two!