Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 79- 285 pounds

Down some today.  My hands don't seem as swollen.  I am sure that is from all the salt-laden things I shouldn't have eaten over the weekend.  But that is over and done with, and I am moving forward.  

I have decided on a few goals to work on.  I have a "vision board" on Pinterest, but since I don't have internet at home (and the phone app sucks!) I don't see it on a daily basis.  So I will make a "physical" vision board of my own by Monday, and I will post it here for you to see.  This "vision board" is anything that will motivate you, keep you positive, and just a tool to help you see what you want to achieve.  So this can have anything from inspirational sayings, pictures of women that look how you want to look, healthy foods you want to make a part of your routine, etc.  

The next goal, hopefully at least attempted by Monday as well, will be to start posting recipes that I have actually tried.  I see all these good looking recipes, and have posted a few, but have never gotten around to trying any of them!  I will keep you updated on the progress.  I know those goals don't really have a lot to do with the actual weight loss aspect of my journey, but in a big way they do.  Part of my problem is that I am a HUGE SUCCESS at being DISORGANIZED.  I used to plan out meals and make a shopping list, and lately I might jot a few things down, but mostly wing it in the store.  I am a horrible housekeeper, and now it has taken over the rest of me as well.  I would rather throw something in the bottom of the closet than take the time to hang it up.... I know...SHOCKING, right??  LOL

Those are the goals right now.  Hopefully they will be complete by Monday, and I can make a new goal, because God forbid I should make more than one or two at a time, He knows I can't accomplish that! This is a work in progress, weight wise as well as mental.  I am a little afraid to make weight goals.  I am still a bit disgusted and horribly disappointed in myself for my weekend.  I am just scared I won't be able to reach the goals, therefore I am working up to setting those.  

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