Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 102-282 pounds

This is me, gaining and losing the same weight.  Again, still haven't gotten back on track on the exercise, but that should be forthcoming.  Also, have my "test drive" shakes on the way this afternoon, so will be starting them soon too. 

I need to get serious about writing down my goals, getting my vision board up and running.  This weekend, with all the rain might just be a great time to be working on that.  Hopefully that will also help with the motivation!

The will power thing is another one I am struggling with.  I have never had much of it, so it is a stretch for me.  But I am hoping that the shakes do something for me, I have heard they are quite addicting, as well as great tasting, you can make them taste like candy.... so hopefully...

I am going to keep this short and sweet, as it has been a crazy busy day.  Just wanted to keep up, and let you all know I am still trying... still working...

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  1. Have you started your shakes yet?!?!? This is gonna be awesome!! I am starting a new 90 day challenge, it would be awesome to do this one together!! Please keep me posted and call me if you have any questions!! 636-387-3440 :)