Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 93- 281.4 pounds

Down some from yesterday, losing a bit of the water weight I think.  Still doing pretty good on the portion control and not eating whatever I want.  I have not been to the gym, have had some things going on.  More excuses, but I own up to them.  I am sure I could have figured out sometime to go, but it would have been very inconvenient...

I am very un-motivated right now.  I don't really know how to get myself back into the groove I was in when I first started.  I have been thinking about doing some classes, going back to Zumba, and maybe a strength training class.  I don't really enjoy working out with other people, as in a "partner" but I like classes where I can be a part of a group.  Those classes would be two nights a week, so that would leave 3-4 nights I could just walk, or do strength training on my own.  At the beginning of this year, it was like I was getting cheered on by everyone, I would get high fives at the gym, I would get hoots & hollers, and now it's more like I am too far into it, no one really "cheers" anymore, and hasn't for awhile.  I am not saying I expect this, but it was nice and it did motivate me a little more than not.  I am just in a funk, and can't seem to get back out of it right now.  I have to get it in my head and heart that I need to do this, and just do it.  But that is easier said than done!  

I feel out of sorts, this week especially.  Just want to go home and lay down.  Not really depressed, just sorta blah.  I don't really know how else to describe it.  I am not really exhausted, or sore, or whatever.  I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING right now.  

I will bounce back.  I have a huge support system.  I just need to feel it for myself, get more motivation somehow....

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