Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 106- 278.2 pounds

Down another 0.8 pounds from yesterday.  I had a mocha shake this morning, and am in the process of wishing there were more of my lunch shake, which is banana cream pie.  Swear to God, it tastes just like a big ol' fluffy pie with whipped cream on top!  My new fave!   I can't wait to order my first shipment on Thursday!

I am so proud of my friend, Erin, who reached one of her personal goals today.  And it's a big one!  She has worked so hard!  Congratulations, girl!

I really want to go to some of the classes one of my gyms offers, but with baseball games and practices, it is making it very difficult.  Would love to go to the one tonight, called Power Pump, but my oldest son has his first baseball game tonight, and if I went to class, I would miss it!  Tomorrow night is just a practice, so I might try to go to the Zumba class tomorrow night, hopefully I can still keep up!!

As for my energy level, it is pretty good.  I did drink a Dr. Pepper yesterday, not really because I was craving one, but because my head kinda hurt, and it was about the time I would normally have one, so I figured it was the withdrawal from the caffeine my body  normally has at that time.  Unfortunately, it didn't really help...  I am chalking it up to the "detox" part of these shakes.  It has so much good stuff for you in them, that it clears all the bad stuff out of your body.  I think it was that, because even after dinner (a real meal of chicken quesadillas, YUM), it was still hurting a bit.  I don't seem to be as tired or "worn out" as I have been.  I still want to sleep in, but hopefully the longer I do these, the better that gets and I can maybe have a workout before work!  But at night, I am usually just ready to fall down, don't really want to cook dinner, just want to veg on the couch.  But last night was different.  Wasn't tired or worn out, but when bedtime rolled around, was definitely ready for sleep.  Which is good, sometimes I feel so tired, but when I get ready for bed, no sleep!

I just am so proud of my friend.  She said that I was her inspiration, as several other people have, but they don't realize how much of an inspiration they are to me.  Some of them that started after me have lost more, and that's because they kept at it no matter what!  I haven't really done that.  I have fallen off the wagon more than once!  But it is them who keep me going, who keep me wanting to be fit, and help motivate me more!

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  1. You absolutely ARE an inspiration!!! I read every post and on my crzy days, the support is what keeps us going! Congrats to Erin!