Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 92-283.4 pounds

I am up from last week, but I expected that.  It is that wonderful time of the month, and I always blow up like a balloon, no matter what I do.  Ate pretty good over the weekend, only a few minor slip-ups this time instead of a wreck of the whole weekend.  I haven't been to the gym lately, but have had so much stuff going on, it's been a little crazy!  And those are just excuses, and I know that, and I will deal with it.  

I have been slacking with my writing too.  I feel kinda like I don't have anything to write, because I don't feel like I am making any progress.  I have started gathering recipes (via Pinterest mostly), and will be posting soon with those, just haven't been able to try any yet, and I want to try them before I post them.  I can't believe that it is getting into month 4 and I haven't even lost 15 pounds.  Definitely not on schedule with that!  I am a little disappointed in myself.  And I know some of you that have been cheering me on are a little disappointed for me.  But it is my fault.  I own that.  I make choices that I know aren't going to get me to my goal, and that is something I have to deal with and make the decisions myself.  Keep the faith in me!  I will do this!  Just have to make the changes and stick to them!  I kinda wish we lived in a bigger city, with more store choices, more whole foods markets, more better choices!  

Keep hanging on with me, I know I will get there!

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