Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 99- 281 pounds

I am up from last week.  But I have not been exercising and haven't really watched what I have been eating.  We have had a pretty dysfunctional week or two in my house. 

My husband was lifting weights last week (the last time we were at the gym) and someone nudged him in the back in the middle of a "pull-down" and it tore a muscle.  We have spent time in the chiropractor's office, time on the heating pad, ice pack, massaging, everything we could think of to get it better.  Yesterday it was so bad, we spent over 2 hours in the Emergency Room, with lots of pain meds and some muscle relaxers to try to be able to loosen his back muscles up.  X-ray shows no discs out of place or bones broken, etc. so the doc is pretty sure it is torn.  Sent us away with more pain meds and muscle relaxers and the hope that it gets better on its own.  So...lesson of the day....DON'T TOUCH SOMEONE WHILE LIFTING WEIGHTS!!

I am hoping he heals quickly, for his sake and mine :-)

I have mapped out my meals for the next 10 days.  We actually had pizza last night, just because it was 8:00 before we got out of the ER.  But I have some of the recipes I want to post in my menu plan, so I will try them out and post them if they are any good! 

I am planning on going to a new class at one of the gyms here.  It is called Power Pump and is a weight training class.  I also am looking forward to going back to Zumba sometime soon, hopefully when the boys start their baseball games, and don't have practice every Wednesday night. 

My husband and I are going to try to do the INSANITY workout.... it seems kinda crazy, and I am not even sure I can attempt, let alone achieve some of the "moves", but you don't have to do a certain amount, but you just have to do them to the best of your ability for a certain amount of time.  This is hinging on his back healing quickly and starting it in the the next week or two. 

In the meantime, I need to get back to the gym or park and at least be walking.  And I will, it has just been crazy, like I said.  Again, I am going to have to revise my goals.  I still want to lose a total of 125 by the end of the year, but we are getting several months into it, and I am still a long way away from that!  I will just have to focus on what I want, and get the results I need!

 Our destination is never final.  I will have to continue working on my goal to lose and maintain for the rest of my life.  Failing as I have so far (and I have, don't try to make me feel better) is not the end of the world.  But I do have to courage to continue this journey, and hope to finish as a new woman!

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  1. You are doing great! Just keeping this blog and being conscious of your actions is awesome!! Plus...you ARE losing...keep it up girlie! I want to start another blog to document mine, but need more time!! I will just watch yours!! Have a great evening! :)