Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 105- 279 pounds

So, I started my shakes yesterday that my friend was so gracious in letting me try out first.  I weighed in at 281.8 yesterday morning, and down to 279 today.  WOW.  And the fact that they taste like candy, or decadent coffee, or fruit smoothies, or whatever you want them to taste like!!  I had a vanilla caramel frappuccino and a Butterfinger yesterday.  The first one was OK, not as much flavor as I personally thought it would have, but still tasted good (and as I told my husband, it was much better tasting than a "light" at Starbucks!!)  The Butterfinger one really surprised me.  It really tasted like a candy bar.  I let my whole family taste that one, and my kids are like, "Mom, can we start drinking those too??"

Today was a Tropical Pineapple, and now a Peanut Butter Cup for lunch.  The pineapple one, again, was ok, probably will put more fruit in it next time, but still was very good.  The peanut butter cup is amazing!  Taste's just like a Reese's.

I think I am going to do the 90 day challenge.  I already have some people that want info on it, so they  might try it as well.  And the more people we get doing it, the more free stuff for all of us.  I love saving money, and if it is going to help me lose weight in the process, then I am all for it!


So, not sure how many workouts I will be able to put in this week.  Trying to get back into the habit of working out and going to the gym, but we have a baseball game on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and practice on Wednesday and Saturday.  Whoo!

I think I will go ahead and end this for today.  Will be back tomorrow!  If anyone else is interested in getting on board with this shake... let me know.  The more people we can get healthy, the better!

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