Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 33-286.2 pounds

Up a little more, but again I am hoping that is because of "the week".  It is very discouraging, but I know I will have days or weeks like this, even if "the week" isn't the culprit.  I will keep on doing what I am doing, and I know I will see results eventually.  It's hard when you don't see the results you want and know you are working so hard for, not even in the mirror, but also on the scale!

This weekend is going to be a challenge.  We will be having a few people over to watch the Super Bowl, and of course there will be lots of yummy stuff to eat.  I will have some, I won't lie and say I won't eat any of it, but I will eat small portions, pay attention to my body, and if I am not hungry, I will not eat any more.  There will be no soda (unless someone else brings it for themselves to drink), as if there were soda in the house, I would drink a 6 pack in that one evening.  Hopefully, I stick to my guns, and don't pig out!  

  I chose to be fat the majority of my life.  I don't even remember the last time I was at or close to a "normal" weight.  My choice is to lose weight, then maintain that weight.  I choose to live longer, be healthier and love my kids and grandkids and hopefully great-grandkids!  

My towel (or usually my shirt, because I forget a towel EVERY DAY) is usually drenched.  How about yours?
I went into Wal-Mart last night for something AFTER my workout, and of course my hair is dripping, my shirt and pants are wet.  But you know what.... I didn't care.  And you know what else, no one else did either.  Don't make excuses about not working out.  "Oh, I have to go to the store" or I have errands to run.  I do too.  I have kids too.  But me taking the time out to do what I have to do for myself will benefit all my family in the long run!  You have to focus on your goals and what they will mean to you when you achieve those goals! 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  GO GIANTS!!


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  1. You know, I always run errands after going to the gym. I've always thought that no one can belittle us for being healthy, because in spite of our disheveled appearance, we just burned mega calories.