Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 54-282 pounds

Down a bit from yesterday!  This has been a good week!  Even with not making it to the gym those two nights because of kid activities!  I have not been feeling the best this week, but my appetite has been about the same.  My hands were a little swollen this morning, but they are down now.  Down so much that my rings are all loose.  

I still have trouble with the portion control.  I am pretty good when I am at home, or if I bring something to work with me, but my problem lies with eating out.  Fast food is not so bad, try to order a salad or grilled chicken then take it home.  But when I go to a restaurant, take today for example.... went to a Mexican restaurant.  The bad thing is the dang chips and salsa.... The salsa is great, but the chips are so bad.... you can see the grease dripping off some of them!  Why is it so hard to say no?  Just because it is right there in front of you face, I guess.  So I had some chips and salsa, and a taco salad, which again-not horrible- but of course I ate the whole thing.  I don't know on the calorie count, but I'm sure it was way too much.  And now, my stomach is rolling.  It's like it is revolting against the food.  Telling me that I am an idiot, and why did you eat so much?!?  I will get the hang of this.  I know alot of "dieters" suggestions are to get a to-go container before you even start eating, put half of the entree in there, and out of sight.  I have said I was going to do this, but then when I get there, and order, I just eat... I will get this right eventually.  Hopefully, my indulgence today will not hinder the progress I have made this week.  I will kick myself in the behind, for punishment as well as to just move me forward.  I can't dwell on this, even though I know it was wrong.  I will move on, make good choices, and learn portion control and healthy eating!  Just hard to get out of the habit.  Even if it does make me feel physically horrible after.  I just don't get that!  

We don't really have any plans this weekend.  I am just an unorganized person.  I have meant to get recipes in order, plan out meals, get my coupons sorted (to save money, of course), but that hasn't happened.  I am making it to the gym every day, so I have gotten into the habit of that.  I just haven't really had the motivation to do any of the other stuff I had on the to-do list.

I am hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I will try my very best not to ruin the good thing that has happened this week.  I would love to be in the 270's by Monday!  What a great day that would be!  

  I have begun, therefore I WILL SUCCEED!! 

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