Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 52- 283.8 pounds

Down about 1.5 pounds from yesterday.  This is a good sign!  Unfortunately I am not feeling the best today.  I think this gorgeous weather we are having is messing with my sinuses.  My nose is stopped up, my eyes are heavy.  Took all I had to get out of bed this morning and get moving!  Taking some over the counter sinus medicine, so hopefully that makes it all better.  My husband asked if I wanted to skip the gym tonight because I was feeling bad, and I told him no.  I had seen a picture on Pinterest that I was trying to find to post, but it eludes me.  It says, "don't just workout on the days you feel well" or something along those lines.  Even though I don't feel the best, I still want to go.  It makes me feel good when I go.  Also, skipping two days already this week for the kiddos kinda scares me!  So I will trudge along!

I am going to keep this pretty short today!  Just a quick update on how things are going, and I already accomplished that in the previous paragraph!  LOL

I have gotten so many suggestions from people trying to help.  Did a callout on my facebook the other day about needing recipes, and have some great things to search on and try out!  One that sounds very intriguing is the  I have seen some things in the store and online about this site (she also has cookbooks, etc), so I am excited about searching for things I already make, but can make healthier for me and my family.  

Today is a new day.  Rejoice and be glad in it!  Tomorrow is not promised, so do everything in your power to make yourself proud of YOU today!  You are in control of what you put and don't put into your body.  You make YOU!


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