Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 59-279.6 pounds!!

So, down a whole pound from yesterday.  I am now in the 270's.  I haven't been here in a couple years probably.  I didn't weigh myself for awhile, so I don't really know what I weighed like every month for the past several years.  But when I was working out and losing a couple years ago, I got down to 272.  I am so excited!  There are now 16 stones in my "pounds lost" jar, and they keep moving faster and faster!  

I felt much better after going to the gym last night.  I just walked, and only for about 35 minutes, but I got a good sweat going!  Tonight is really going to kill me, going to try my strength training workouts tonight.  I am a little nervous about that!  I feel like I am almost starting over, having missed almost a week of working out.  

Yesterday I sent my food to my trainer in the circle, and she sent a message back, "how would you rate your food choices today?"  Ummm, crappy, considering I ate at the Mexican restaurant and ate the WHOLE taco salad.... comes out to about 800 calories.  WOW!  Even though I knew it was too much, I still ate the whole thing.  And then of course I was miserable yesterday afternoon, my stomach so full.  She has been telling me of the "sigh" technique.  This is just to eat until you sigh, then maybe one or two more bites, or finish there.  This came from some European that was fit as all get out, and this was his fitness routine.  I had tried it before, and just never noticed myself sighing... I tried it last night, tried to pay more attention to what was going on, and it happened.  I took one more bite, and then was done.  And I was full.  Not over-full, not under-full, just full.  So, just paying more attention helps!

This is something every one of us need to remember.  I am not a full-time emotional eater, but it does happen.  I am more of a peer pressure eater.  I do eat sometimes when emotional, that time of the month craving chocolate or Ched'R Peppers.  And I do eat them, but I find myself limiting and watching the calorie count, and not hating myself after I do indulge.  So many people out there eat when they are sad, or upset, angry.  I am more of a BORED emotional eater.  I may be having a lazy day at home, with nothing else to do but make a batch of brownies, then eat half of them.  So, I try not to keep that in the house.  I will occasionally buy sweets, but they are either portioned out, or made and hidden from my sight...LOL.  My husband and my kids still eat that stuff occasionally, and I have been really good at not indulging just because it's there.  

I am so excited about making it to the 270's.  I know I am right over the line, but the weight is consistently going down, not up and down like it was.  If I knew or realized how good it makes me feel to workout, or how easy it is to NOT overeat, I would have done it years ago!  It's really not that hard.  Still have what you want, just don't eat the whole bag of chips, or the whole block of cheese.  You still get that satisfaction of eating the things  you crave, but not the disappointment of feeling sick afterward, or the scale saying a pound or two more than the last time!  Start changing your life today!  There is NO REASON you should not be out there doing something to prolong your life.  I know you have as much as I do to live for!  Whether or not you have kids, you have friends and family and co-workers who love you and care about you!  So, get up and get moving.  



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