Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 45- 284.8 pounds

Down even more from yesterday.  YAY me!  Here is my food from yesterday:

Homemade McMuffin & coffee: 405
Turkey sammich, lime tostitos & 8oz can dr. pepper: 430
(1) Butterfinger snack size: 180
Sonic- Grilled chicken sammich, Ched 'R Peppers & Ranch: 880

Total for the day 1,895.  Yes I caved.  Forgot to lay something out for dinner.  Needed to get something out.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SONIC CHED'R PEPPERS!

Still splurged... but still not WAY over my calorie goal.  And still down from the day before!  That is not an excuse to eat that way every day.  Just saying that we all can have what we want.... in moderation.  STOP STARVING YOURSELF!!  I find myself with more energy and more "fullness" when I eat food, and not thee shakes I was doing.  Still eating the same amount of calories, but just not the shakes.  I still do a shake now and then when I might be crunched for time or something.  I also had tried to do 5 small (300 calorie) meals to total my 1500 for the day.  That works so great for some people.  But not for me.  I am SO used to eating 3 times a day, so I just make my meals larger (with some snacking available in between) for my total.  

I have said this before, that I am a big fan of the TV show Biggest Loser.  Last night they were training a contestant and wanted to find out why she was the way she was... not only heavy, but also sometimes rude, defensive, etc.  She was talking about how bad her childhood was, parents got divorced, dad had a drug problem, etc.  My parents got divorced when I was 7.  My biological father had nothing to do with me and my older brother for years and years.  I was 18 when my biological grandparents contacted me to visit with me again.  Talk about rough.  But that's not what made me self-conscious.  That's not what made me fat.  This hints along the emotional eating post from before.  We all have issues, some more than others.  Some deal with it differently.  I am not saying that is not her issue on the show, but this season is titled "NO EXCUSES." So buck up, lose the weight!  

The ISSUES is not what makes the WEIGHT PROBLEM.  

Not saying losing weight will solve all the problems.  But it will get you healthy enough to deal with the problems.  

I may have a new workout partner starting next week.  A friend of mine will be joining the gym, and possibly working out the same time as me.  Which is great!  Hope she is ready, I will dish out some punishment like Robin dishes out to me! LOL

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day.  This journey is a daunting task, but when I have my husband at my side, my biggest fan and supporter, it seems like a much smaller task.  I love you, Andy!

I know this week is the start of the downward spiral that won't end.  Before this point, I have been pretty lax in my diet.  And even though I splurged a bit, I still kept it near my calorie goal.  Before, I might have eaten smaller portions, but still ate lots of stuff.  I was basically dieting only on weekdays.  This week is the end of that mentality.  I am worth more than working my butt off only to cheat myself out of the pounds.


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