Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 57- 281.8 pounds

Didn't quite make it to the 279's, but at least I didn't tragically wreck it and go up over the weekend!  Pretty stoked about that.  Didn't eat as well as I should have, and only worked out 2 days last week.  I am pretty excited that I didn't gain 10 pounds!  I watched my portions pretty well, didn't eat too much junk food.  Did eat out alot (very busy weekend), but still watched the portions, and chose better for me than I would have 3 months ago.

You know, at some point in time I have tried probably 90% of the "miracle diets" out there.  I have been on the cabbage soup diet.  I have tried low carb. I have done almost every "miracle PILL" they have marketed.  And I have had some success with each of these.  But the second you forget to take the pill, or don't have cabbage soup handy to eat, the weight just BALLOONS back on.  Why is it that it took so long for me to realize I just have to have some self control, and work hard?  I lost 20 pounds in one month one time from phentermine (the better part of the fen-phen pill of long ago).  I was working out at the same time, but I just didn't eat.  That medicine makes you not hungry.  When I was by myself, I had to make myself eat something so I wouldn't pass out.  REALLY?!?  How stupid can we be sometimes?  Like the HCG stuff.  I have tried that too.  In fact, I have two partial bottles of the liquid in my medicine cabinet.  Yes, I lost weight.  Yes, it was over 10 pounds a week.  Yes, I had headaches the whole time.  Yes, I was GROUCHY the whole time.  Could I stick to it for the whole 40 day cycle.  HELL NO!  I think the most I lasted was about 15 days.  By the end of that my husband was like, it's me or the HCG....OK not really, but almost.  Alli, Relacore, Slim Fast, Slim Quick, Fastin.... take me down a "weight loss aid" aisle at almost any drugstore, I can tell you I have tried it all!  They all work, while you are taking them.  The second you forget to take one (which happens to me ALL THE TIME), you gain, and gain, and gain... til you are right back where you started.  Please say no to these!  I promise they don't work in the long term!

You have to work for what you want!  You don't get to sit on your butt at home watching TV and draw a paycheck (or at least not most of us...LOL), right?  You don't get to ring a little bell and have your maid bring you your drinks, dinner, come prop your feet up, right?  No.  You have to get off your butt and do something to get the things you want!  Same principle here.  You have to go to the gym (or home gym), you have to eat right, you have to work hard!  I have lost about 15 pounds now in the last 2 months.  Which is averaging about 2 pounds a week (even though some weeks more than others...), which is a healthy rate at which to lose.  Everyone keeps telling me, the slower I lose it, the longer I will keep it off.  They may think they are helping when they say that, but again.... me being an instant gratification person, if it takes me too long to lose it in the first place, it may not COME OFF!  I am looking at this and trying to tell myself that as long as the scale moves down, it doesn't matter how fast.  I am hoping that keeps working!  It has so far.  I have pretty much kept on track.  Been working out consistently, been eating much better than I used to, and getting better at the portion control.  Still a work in progress, but it is working!

Baseball practices and games should be starting soon.  I am hoping that I can still get to the gym on those nights, my husband is coaching, so if I leave the boys with him, hopefully I can still get my workouts in...on nights I plan on walking, I can do that at the park....  Just gotta make it work.  There are other people busier than me that can make it to the gym, just have to make it a priority and not let things get in the way!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  See ya tomorrow!!


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