Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1-296.4 pounds

I'm posting this today, as I didn't have access to a computer yesterday.  Weight yesterday was 296.4.  Started my diet, I chose to use Slim Fast, as it seemed pretty easy to follow, and can still have dinner with my family.  I am trying to get some new recipes rounded up to keep up with the 500 calories I am supposed to consume for dinner.  I will post ones I find and how they taste once I try them! 

I have found a way to drink water more (as I really don't like just plain water ALL DAY!!).  I bought some of the Simply Limeade (or Simply Lemonade if you prefer), and put about 1/2 cup of that in a full 20 ounce or more cup, fill with ice and water!  Takes the dull out of the plain stuff and only adds about 60 calories. 


  1. Have you tried the Mio water flavors? You add as much or as little as you like. No calories, great taste!

  2. Hi, Billie! Excellent! Congratulations on a most wonderful endeavor! Slim Fast is okay, but if you want to do protein, have you considered a higher quality protein, like GMCs ISOPURE protein whey powder? It is what my dr. recommended for my liquid diet before surgery, and I have learned that the higher the quality of protein, the less hungry I feel for several hours. It has no sugar content in it, and can be mixed with different things from skim milk, which adds an extra 9 grams of protein, or any flavor of Chrystal Light. I have noticed that when I feel physically content (after a protein shake with the Isopure) I can be around food and not be as tempted. I can cook for my family, and be with them when they are eating. If I feel like I need something nurturing, I can have low sodium chicken broth doctored up with cajon spices and seasonings. Anyway, just some "food for thought!" You go, girl! I'm very proud of you!

  3. Tressie, I have tried those, but tried the sweet tea flavor, and was NOT impressed. I haven't had the heart the try anything else yet. But I like the idea of the stuff!

    Teona, thanks for the advice, I will see if I can find that, as we don't have a GNC here locally. I have heard of that, and if it keeps you full longer and better, then I am all for it!