Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 22-292.8 pounds

Again, the weekend killed me.  I am up over 3 pounds since Friday.  WOW!  I guess my thought of eating normal food with my family (smaller portions and better choices) is not going to work for awhile.  Not sure that bodes well for the future when I plan on taking on the task of ditching the shakes, and eating real food....

I know what I ate was not that calorie laden, and the portions were normal and not oversized.... I am just a bit defeated today.  I will not give up, but just down in the dumps today...

I have started, and will continue on with the journey!  I am just wondering why the heck it is so easy to put the pounds on, but so dang difficult to take them off!!!  I have already made changes to my eating habits, and my lifestyle, but there are so many more changes to come... at least I hope so!

I don't really know what else to do, so I will just keep on keepin' on.  I will focus on the end result, and what I have to do to make those goals.  I will look at the picture below with disgust, and remember how much of that I have on my body!

And know how unhealthy it is to carry that much of such a horrible thing on and in my body!  I just don't even want to think about how many of those blobs of fat I am carrying around right now.  It makes me cringe!

I saw something on Pinterest that I am planning on doing to see if it will help in the visualization of the weight lost.  As I am an instant gratification kinda gal, I think this might help to be able to see what I have lost, even though I am not feeling it in my clothes and such.

I already have my jars (thanks Jackie) and just need to get the stickers or paint and some marbles.  I am hoping this helps to see what I am accomplishing! 

I may be down, but definitely not out!  I am just having a bad day, I will overcome, I will fight to live another day, etc... LOL

Time to get down and get dirty!  I meet with the trainer (Robin)at Anytime Fitness- Camdenton tomorrow after work.  I hope she doesn't kick my butt too bad!  But hopefully she can shed some light on to what I need to be doing to be getting the results that I should be.  I am very optimistic!

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