Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 29-286.8 pounds

Down just a little from Friday.  But I am down 6 pounds since last Monday!!  I was so AMAZED when I looked over the weekend to see how many page views I had.  Normally I have about 15-35, Friday's post had 95 views! 

This weekend went pretty well.  Ate all regular food (besides a SF Shake yesterday for breakfast) and still kept it under my calorie goal.  Had Mexican for lunch on Friday, had a New York dog from Sonic for dinner, total for the day was 1513.  Saturday, had an egg sandwich for breakfast, a grilled chicken sandwich and some fries from Wendy's, and cube steak and broccoli cheese rice for dinner (with a few snacks), for a total of 1292.  Yesterday was my shake, BBQ meatballs and (baked) fries for lunch and a chicken quesadilla for dinner, with a total of 1485.  I feel much better, not as sluggish as I have been in the morning.

My husband and I went to the gym Friday night.  I walked, but per my trainer I should be pushing myself more, so did a little faster than normal and an incline I haven't even attempted yet.  Then Saturday, we went again, I walked (interval, pushing myself) and did 3 sets of my strength training, instead of my normal 2.  I was so sore yesterday, it was just crazy!

But I feel better when I can eat with my family, and not feel left out or deprived.  Of course, while I was logging my calories at Wendy's, I was also looking up what the boy's were eating, and told them what calorie intake they were consuming.... GLAD I DIDN'T ORDER ANY OF THAT!!!

Again, for those of you that eat quite a bit of fast food, I really recommend the documentary, Super Size Me.  When we watched it, we definitely cut down on our eating fast food, and even though we still eat out like that sometimes, we don't order as much as we did then, and definitely not as often!

Got my motivation jars done this weekend, after a couple trial and errors!  So, I put 125 marbles in the pounds to lose jar, and already moved 9 marbles in the pounds lost jar!  So, even if I don't feel the weight being gone, or seeing it in how my clothes feel, I can see it in the jars!

I am still positive thinking.  I really don't have to try anymore.  I enjoy (for the most part) going to the gym.  Or maybe enjoy is not the right word yet, more like accustomed to going.  It is just a part of my routine now.  It would be bad if I backslid and skipped a day, as I would have to pass the gym on my way home, and I know I would just feel there is more motivation to go, than not to go!

I am still a little frustrated that I am still SO worn out after I work out.  Not really worn out, but sore and feeble.  After I go home, cook dinner and sit for a little bit, I feel as if I can't get up!  I have had issues when I get up in the morning, that my feet and ankles are so sore, that I can hardly walk on them first thing.  My husband tells me it will get easier and I won't feel those "creaks" as much as time goes on, but it still feels so hard!


So, I will just keep pushing, and hope each tomorrow gets better (and easier)!!  I am so tired of being in the position I am in, so tired of feeling the way I have.  I am so tired of starting over!

So I will make my treks to the gym.  I am going to start Zumba classes this Wednesday!  I am excited, I can't wait.  Anything to make it more fun, and I LOVE to dance!  

Trying my 5 meals a day today.  It's a little different, and a little more difficult to get into the routine, but hopefully this will help.  Hope everyone has a great afternoon!  Keep on keepin' on!

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