Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 15-292.2 pounds :-(

Yes, you read that right, up almost 2.5 pounds over the weekend.  However, my knee was really bothering me, so I didn't exercise like I should have.  And I didn't stick to my shakes (even though I didn't eat bad food) either.  Very disappointed in myself.  I really need to get on track.  This is halfway through the first month, and I haven't lost the weight I need to to make my goal!

I will starting short term goals, which so far I have not been doing.  So, I will make up my first one, after I do some figuring, and post that goal tomorrow.  This is so much harder than I thought.  Of course, I have never really stuck to a diet for very long, and guess I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  But I am determined to do it.  I just seem to be "down" about it this week.  I just feel so helpless.  I can't do much because I am so heavy, and plus with my knee hurting that takes it down to almost nothing it seems like.  I just feel helpless I guess.

Sorry this post is so negative.  I try to be the most positive I can be, but sometimes even the rainbow gets overshadowed by the cloud.  I will shine again.  Just having myself a bit of a pity party today! 

There is so much more going on in my everyday life, it is hard to stay focused on the weight loss.  The added stress of some other things going on is not helping!  But every day won't be the easiest when I do achieve my goal, so I guess I need to learn how to cope with all the stressors I might have then, and now.  Just a little difficult.  I am a pretty good multi-tasker, but just not with this. 

Back to the gym tonight, have to see how many calories I can burn!

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  1. Something I learned about weight loss is that as we change our diet and exercise habits, our bodies tend to compensate. So, when we're consciously consuming less calories, and burning more, your body goes into "starvation mode" where it hangs onto the weight by slowing your metabolism (not exactly science-correct, though that's how it was explained to me.)