Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 16-291.2 pounds

Down a pound since yesterday's weigh-in.  Went to the gym last night, walked for 30 minutes.  Tried a bit of interval walking.  Still not very fast, but was walking at a normal pace, then went up a bit, added a little incline, went back to normal for a few minutes, then back up....etc...and up to 4 MINUTES on the elliptical; was just a little proud of that!

Dinner last night was amazing (as usual!). It was whole wheat penne pasta, Tuscan Herb sauce, green peppers, chicken sausage, and olives.  With the chicken sausage, which was flavored garlic, mozzarella and artichoke, to me it tasted a lot like a supreme pizza.  And the total calories was under 400!  Yay me!  This is what it looked like!  A pretty big portion, makes me feel not totally deprived!

I have had alot of people say something to me about not feeling full.  That is not really the problem.  The shakes fill me up, and I have my snacks, but I am not reaching my calorie goal for the day.  I am supposed to be at 1500, but am eating only around 1200, and I think yesterday was even lower.  I am too full after dinner to have the snack I am supposed to, but feel like I am overeating if I add another snack during the day!

So I did some figuring on how much weight I need to lose each week to maintain my steady weight loss and reach my goal by year's end.  It is 2.5 pounds each week.  

So here is my mini goal: From today's weight of 291.2, I want to lose 12 pounds by Valentine's Day:

I would love for my reward for reaching that goal to be able to go out to dinner with my husband and celebrate our love as well as my success!  My mini goal is a little over the 2.5 pounds per week of steady weight loss, but I figure I should be losing a little more than that at first, since the change in diet and exercise.  I would obviously be happy with the 10 pounds that the 2.5 pounds per week would take me to, but you have to push yourself, and if I only push for the minimum...not much of a motivation, right??

Another night at the gym.  I need to add the weight training in there, but I find myself in the predicament of my cousin, and that is being somewhat embarrassed by trying new things at the gym.  I don't want everyone looking at me, especially if I am doing something wrong.  I know I need to get over that.  But being so heavy, and being self conscious almost my WHOLE life, it's a little difficult to get over.  That is just one more hump I have to clear to achieve what I want, and the more time it takes, the less time I have to work.  So, BUCK UP BABY!  JUST DO IT!!!  Easier to type than to act on.... but I will try my very best!  I need to talk with the trainer there, and just have her teach me some moves that I can do by myself, as I am there sometimes when the trainers are not.

Well, I will sign off for now.  Hope everyone in Missouri stays warm today.  And just to dispel some myths.... just because people are fat does not mean they stay warm!  I am FREEZING! LOL

Have a great day!  And in the words of the HOT new trainer (as of last season) on the Biggest Loser: Hard Work!  Dedication!

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