Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 9-289 pounds (Positive Thinking)

So, thank God the scale went down this morning!  I was gonna freak if it had stayed the same for ANOTHER day in a row.  I know some people (ALOT of people) say not to weigh every day, but when I weigh every day and either stay the same or lose any, I know I am doing something right.  If I gain something, I will go over what I ate, what I did that might have attributed with the gain.  I don't normally "freak" over it, and I know it is a journey of MANY miles, just have to keep on the right path!

Worked out last night, walked for 30 minutes, did another 3 minutes on the elliptical (I seem to be stuck at that number), and worked in about 15 minutes of weight training.  My knees are a little sore last night, I was pushing my speed on walking, and think I may have pushed a little too hard.  But I will be back at it tonight! 

Last night for dinner was another AWESOME meal, that of course the family just loved!  It was Chicken Sausage with spinach and mozzarella in it (WAY better than I thought it would be), in whole wheat pasta and tuscan herb sauce.  Total calories for the meal was only 470!  I find it amazing how much food I can eat for so little calories.  I ate a serving size last night, which didn't seem to be that much smaller than what I normally eat, but I measured everything out, so my calorie count was right on.  I find myself hungry sometimes, but I still almost never reach the 1500 calories I am supposed to be eating on this diet.  I have my shake for breakfast, a snack around 10:00 am, a shake for lunch, another snack around 3:00 p.m. and dinner around 7:00 pm or so.  Depending on what time we get home from the gym and how much time dinner takes to prepare, by the time I eat and drink a big glass of water, I have no room for any more food by 9:30 pm when it's almost bed time! I range most days between 1000 and 1200 calories a day, and am not hungry.  I have found myself trying to wait until my stomach growls, so I know there is an actual need there.  It seems to be working for me!

I have found a great website, it's called Pinterest, and I know several of you have been on it as well.  I can look all day and night at posts, even posts about food and desserts and junk food, and not really crave it.  I think that bodes well for my future.  I know Slim-Fast is not a long term diet.  I don't plan on being on it this whole year.  I plan to use it as a tool.  To allow my body to adjust to smaller meals, lower calories, and better for me foods.  And somewhere in the near future I will go back to actually eating food for breakfast and lunch and hopefully I have adjusted by then to the smaller portions.

I also have joined Pinterest as a tool to help me and my family achieve what we hope is a much more satisfying life.  It is a website of pinboards, basically like a cork board that you pin pictures, quotes, recipes, etc. only online.  I have read a book and watched the movie of The Secret.  If you haven't read it, I encourage you to do so!  It is taking all types of people from all walks of life (and religions/beliefs) and basically says one thing....If you build it, they will come.  OK, so that's not really what it says, but very similar.  It says in the Bible that all you have to do is ask for something and it will be provided.  This is the same thing.  The Secret teaches you to focus on the things that you want (a better body, a fat bank account, a more satisfying career, etc) and at some point, you will achieve all the things that you want!  The book is filled with some great quotes, and motivational sayings.  It also encourages you to make a "vision board".  This board is to post pictures of the things you want.  A more fit body, a bank account deposit of $1,000,000, a dream home, a happy family.... whatever it is that you can dream that you want, you are supposed to post on this board.  I plan to use this pinboard as my "vision board".  I am going to pin things that I want, places I want to go with my family, a fitter body, etc.  I never made a vision board before (even though I bought the things to do so). 

Like I said, this book fits to all religious beliefs, although it mostly talks about conversing with the universe, there are Christians on there, stating that instead of conversing with the "universe" you converse with God, and the same thing applies.  You just imagine it happening, you focus on what you want, not what you DON'T want.  You spend time just envisioning those things, asking for those things and they come to you!  The Law of Attraction.  I am not saying this is the basis of my weight loss, and I am not relying on this to do the job.  All I am saying is that it can't hurt!  Anything that gets you to focus on the goals you want to achieve, and the positive feelings you want to feel, then so be it!

You never know the power of positive thinking until you try it!

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