Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 11-290 pounds

Again a little disappointed the scale didn't move.  At least it didn't go up again!  Last night was kind of a lazy night.  In fear of being called into work overnight, my husband and I went home early, and skipped the gym.  I did my video, and it was 20 minutes.  Felt kind of like a fish floundering around as I hadn't done it in so long, I forgot the moves.  But I was sweating and felt like I did the best I could.

Dinner last night was leftovers.  Nothing spectacular.  I still find it difficult to eat all my 1500 calories in a day.  Yesterday I was only at 1300, and that was only because I had an extra glass of milk and a 100-calorie pack last night right before bed.  I feel more hungry during the day, but if I add too much during the day, I feel like I use too many calories up.... so I am not really sure what to do there.

I am a little frustrated that I am not feeling my clothes looser and all that.  My cousin is dieting and exercising as well, and she states she feels so much better and already feels it in her clothes.  Maybe my clothes are too darn big, so I don't feel it yet.  Yeah, let's go with that!  My knee is giving me some trouble again today.  Not really sure why it is hurting, but would be nice if it would just quit!  I know I have been working it harder than I normally do, and carrying around all the weight it has been over the last several years, I should be glad I can walk!  I had dislocated that kneecap when I was in high school, and now if you feel it when I bend it, it is basically just bone rubbing together.  What is really weird besides just the pain though, is the feeling that the muscle/tendon from my kneecap up my thigh feels really tight, about like it's going to snap.  This has happened a couple times in the last several years.  One time, went to the chiropractor and he attached some electrodes on it to stimulate and relax the muscle/tendon.  The other time I bent down or something and it just popped, then stopped hurting!  I guess we will just wait it out.

I do want to thank my husband and my kids for being along with me in this journey.  A cousin of ours asked my youngest son at school the other day if he liked the healthy dishes I was preparing, and his answer of course was that they are really good.  I think they are surprised about what can be good for you and still taste great!  My husband has been so supportive, he goes to the gym with me (normally does his own thing, as he wants to build more muscle, not really lose weight), he is dieting alongside me, and he has given up sodas (which is HUGE! for him).  Speaking of that, I haven't had one all week.  Didn't have any in the house over this past weekend, and so when I came back to work on Monday, I just didn't have one... and again the next day and so on.  So I have been Dr. Pepper free since Friday!

I do have one other complaint.  I wish water didn't seem like it was bloating me up.  I drink more than just a sip of water, and I feel like I have drank a liter bottle or something.  That feeling makes it hard for me to drink the amount of water I need to.  I really am trying though, and I am drinking probably 3 times more water than I used to.  Any suggestions on that would be appreciated.

Not sure if the gym is in the future for tonight.  Andy (my husband) has been out plowing roads all day, so we shall see how he feels.  May be another night of the video, then maybe some weight training with the free weights we have.

One Step at a Time!


  1. One step at a time is right! Have you tried adding a slice of lemon or lime to your water? I really hate drinking water too. I like my water super cold and to drink it through a straw (not sure why, but I do). Also on pinterest I saw a couple of jazzed up water recipes, but didn't have time to log in and pin them, so maybe check there. Great job! Plowing snow is not much fun and John says it is super stressful because of all the idiots :) Hopefully we won't have a super snowy winter.

  2. My clients & I both notice the change in the way my scrubs fit & I notice my mood mostly! But we are both very different people! You are doing an amazing job!! The biggest Loser workout DVDs have weight training in them for the days you can't make it to the gym. My knee is giving me fits too. I hate it!! Does stretching help it at all?? It sometimes helps me if I do that & Biofreeze. (A lot of chiros use it before electro- stem). Love you B.J.!! We got this!!!!