Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 19-289.2 pounds

Another day with no movement of the's getting kinda old!  I think some of the problem might be that I am not taking in enough calories.  I still find it hard most days to hit the 1500 calories.  I don't really know what else to do! 

Had lunch out today, BIG MISTAKE!  I had planned on only eating half of what I ordered, but that didn't happen!  I ate the whole plate.  And now I feel terrible, my stomach is rumbling, I am sluggish.  I know how it makes me feel when I do that, but I keep on doing it (not as much lately).  Again, this is the instance that I am a peer pressure eater.  We were out with friends, eating, talking, and just not paying attention or worrying about how much I ate....

I know there is a fit person in here somewhere.  I just have a hard time finding her and keeping her in the forefront!  I'm not giving up just because of one mistake, but why is it so hard to remember how I feel after I eat the crap, before or while I am eating it?!?

Since my whole journey is based on this change happening in one year (hopefully), I find this photo very inspiring:

I know this is a journey, and that I am not very far into it yet.  But I am a instant gratification person.  I want results now, and it is just really hard to continue dieting and exercising when I am not seeing any changes.  I am having to not only change my eating habits and my lazing habits, I am having to change my emotional habits, the way my brain thinks about something.  That is the most difficult of all the tasks ahead.... BUT

I really believe the above statement.  I have dealt with alot through my VERY young life (ha ha ha), and I know I am strong enough to make it through anything.  I have made myself this way, and I will make myself fit.  I find this prayer helps sometimes when I am having some cravings and whatnot, or even just to say it first thing in the morning before you begin your day, let Him know that you need help throughout the day:

I am a little sore today.  I had done 2 days straight of some strength training on my upper body, and then last night did some lower body work.  I am really feeling it today. 

I will be back at the gym this afternoon, probably just walking today, let my body rest from the strength training (don't want to get too buff ;-)  I will be meeting a friend of mine there to show her around, and get her to talk to the manager to try to sign up for a membership.  There should be no excuses for me not to go to the gym.  Right now, the kids are not in any sports (it may get a little tough when they start baseball...) but I still will find the time: NO EXCUSES

I know it is going to be a lot of hard work, I know I will make sacrifices I probably will not want to make along the way (at least at that time...) but it will be worth it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Keep up the good work.  I will keep it up on my end!

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