Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 2-294.2 pounds

Today is a new day!  I weighed in today, and have already lost 2 pounds.  The diet is pretty OK to stick to, still get the sweetness of the chocolate and cappuccino in my Slim Fast shakes.  Haven't tried the meal bars or snack bars just yet, still getting everything around that I need to do this thing!

I am really struggling today with the detox of my beloved Dr. Pepper.  I am having headaches and some dry mouth even though I have been chugging the water!  Headed to the gym later today.  I have some trouble getting winded doing the simplest of tasks, so the workouts for me will consist of walking until I build up some strength and energy....hope that is soon.  


  1. Hi Billie, it's Jennifer Hollis. I'm going to follow you on here rather than FB because it's more direct. Good luck!