Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 12-289.6 pounds

Down just a little today.  Did my exercise at home last night.  Goes pretty well, the boys are quarantined to their rooms and I do my thing in the living room.  Dinner last night was chicken, wild rice and veggies.

I noticed last night that my left knee is really swollen.  It has been hurting for a couple days now, but I guess I never really looked at to see if there was a problem, just assumed I knew what it was.  I have been putting some pain reliever cream on it, and the swelling seems to be down a bit this afternoon.  I hope it gets better soon, I find it difficult to do my workouts, as I am constantly worried something I will do, or how I will turn or whatever will make it buckle.

I am hoping to start some Zumba classes soon.  There is a church here in town that offers them, as well as another gym (in Linn Creek) that will be offering them come February.  I can just pay by the class, so I don't have to join....that should be fun.  I have done only one class before and loved it.  I do love to dance, and it doesn't feel like work, just fun!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Probably won't be back until Monday.

Sorry for the short post today, but am a little cramped on time.

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  1. Hi billie...way to go!! let me if you decide to go to the zumba classes...i have zumba at home but like everything else i dont do it. i am starting my shakes tomorrow so i will let you know how that goes. i follow you daily. proud of you....i need to be right by your side! jennifer