Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 25-287.8 pounds

I continue to lose weight, even if it is just a a 1/2 pound here and there.  Which is GREAT!!  Being a instant gratification person, I get frustrated when it doesn't move or moves up, so even if it is just 0.2 pounds different from yesterday, I am still seeing results.

I have made a couple decisions regarding my food intake and my journey itself.  I have decided that after the shakes I have already on hand, I will transition back to regular food, and just work on portion control and lower fat & calorie choices.  The shakes are (at least I seem to think) making me a bit sluggish.  Also, I am having some internal issues, kinda makes me feel like I have some sort of bladder infection or something.  My trainer told me that may be because of the sugar content of the shakes.  I have known people in the past that have used them, and had serious issues.  I may use them as a supplement or a quick meal if I don't have time, but don't think they are going to be the majority of my diet.  So please, feel free to send recipes my way for anything you might think I could use!

I am going to be working with my weight again tonight.  I call them weights, but seems that is not really the word for it, I like the words strength training better.  I don't feel as I am lifting weights, I feel as if I am gaining strength.  My knees have been bothering me a bit the last 2 days, more the "good" one than the "bad" one.  But I will push my hardest tonight and hope it doesn't kill me!

I bought a shirt from someone on a facebook yard sale site the other day.  It was listed as a 24 or 2X.  I figured it would be big enough, so I bought it sight unseen and without trying it on.  This is not the first time I have bought clothes without trying it on, as I am sure many of you have done too.  However, when I went to try it on at home, the size was only a 14-16.  WAY too small!  I couldn't even get it over my shoulders.  I have so many clothes that I have bought, and they were too small, and I have just sitting in my closet, waiting for the day that I might be able to fit into them!  So, I guess I will just add that to the pile, and at least I will have a new wardrobe just waiting for me when I do lose to whatever size it is that I have waiting... there are several sizes!!  LOL.

It has been so long since I have been at a healthy weight, I will be a whole new person when that time comes.  I will definitely need help to maintain and function at a weight I have never been in my adult life! 

So, the other decision I have made is that I am going to post some "before" photos on this blog.  I figure if I am going to go thru such a change in my body (hopefully in the year I have as my goal) that I need to give my readers (all 5 of you...LOL) the visual of the change.  I am super scared about that, but figure it is something that I should do. 

I hope you all appreciate that sacrifice I am willing to make.  I don't normally like to have my photo taken at all, but now I am offering to post a picture of my body, obviously not nude, but in shorts and a short top, so you can see all the fat that I have to lose.  SCARY!! :-O

I think that is all I have for today.  Hope everyone keeps plugging along!  It's a long journey for some of us, a shorter journey for others.... but a journey nonetheless!

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